Tax and Mortgage Arrears?

There’s a Mortago Solution For That!

Tax Arrears? Financial stress? Restless Nights?

When you are in arrears on your property tax bills or your mortgage instalment, it can have serious consequences for your physical and mental health. You will always be stressed out. You will likely lose sleep, and constantly be worried about eviction, foreclosure or wage garnishee.

While mental, physical and psychological stress is one thing, a more long-term consequence is the impact that tax and mortgage arrears can have on your financial health.

In addition to your debts continuing to pile up, and your exposure to unexpected legal expenses and penalties, there is one more significant downside to falling into arrears: Your credit score can be badly damaged! While it is not impossible to gradually, over time, recover from bad credit, it can take a significant amount of time, effort and expense to do so.

And that’s where our expertise can help you save the day!
If you are in arrears on your property taxes, or are on the cusp of falling into arrears on your mortgage; then you need to act quickly to forestall any of the negative consequences associated with such a situation.
Reach out today and contact one of our Mortago experts, and let them help you deal with the situation quickly. The longer you wait to take action, the deeper you’ll get into arrears, and the more difficult it will be to help you deal with the challenges.

Contacting us today can make your financial burdens lighter – by letting us help you take off some of that weight off your shoulders!

Save on your home purchase today!

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