Commercial Mortgages

If you are already in business, or plan on starting a commercial venture that involves financing business real estate, then you may want to look around for the best commercial mortgage deals available. You won’t have far to look – because here at Mortago, that’s exactly what we offer to our clients – Every time!

Whether you are looking to expand your business premises, refurbish a property that you currently own or buy additional property; a commercial mortgage is the ideal vehicle to leverage in order to refinance existing or purchase new income generating commercial properties. Thanks to our vast nation-wide network of commercial mortgage lenders, and a highly knowledgeable team of business mortgage and loan specialists, the Mortago team is best placed to find you the perfect mortgage solution that fits your needs.

Personalized Solutions

Our team believes in personalizing every product that we offer. And that’s one more reason that you would like to meet with one of our knowledgeable Mortgage Agents before you consider any other mortgage options available to you. We’ll help you get the right products and terms that fit with your company’s financial goals.

Financing a commercial transaction, whether it relates to a new purchase or an upgrade to existing facilities, can be hugely complex. In fact, if not dealt with appropriately, and with due diligence, it can often spell financial ruin for a business. When it comes to a commercial real estate mortgage therefore, our clients are extremely discerning. That’s why our mortgage specialists don’t just “sell” products, we offer complete commercial mortgage solutions. We do that by providing you with a whole range of options available, and ensure that you fully understand the features, benefits and opportunities that each of them offers.

Our objective is to help you secure products that are not just cost-effective in the short-term, but which will help you maximize your profits in the long run too!

The Big Picture

A commercial loan broker needs to understand his/her client’s vision for leveraging a mortgage loan. Our skilled professionals are therefore trained to look at the big picture with you, and not just offer you a one-off experience that focuses on a single transaction.

That’s not the Mortago way!

Many commercial loan transactions could also have an impact on other aspects of your business – Short-term cash flow requirements, funding for seasonal activities, financing expansion into major new markets, or investing in productivity and process improvements. While many of our competitors may be quite pleased with “one off deals”, we look at the big picture when proposing commercial real estate lending solutions to our clients.

Full Transparrency

When you engage with one of our professional Mortgage Agents for advice on a commercial remortgage or a new loan, we ensure that there is complete transparency in all our dealings. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure we not only understand your needs perfectly, but that you too understand what your rights and obligations are.

We understand the value of supporting our clients build their business: It means we benefit as you grow! Through simple, honest and professional communications, our team of mortgage specialists have built a reputation of being helpful and reliable partners, rather than just another firm of mortgage brokers.

Through our transparent dealings with you, our real estate financing specialists focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. By understanding your personal and business goals, we’ll help you put a viable mortgage plan in place that’s profitable and self-sustaining for your business.

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So if you are in the market for a commercial real estate financing solution, then you owe it to yourself and your business to connect with us today. We’ll ensure we come up with the perfect plan that guarantees both profitability and growth.

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